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    公司簡介|Company Profile
            廣東省東莞輕工業品進出口有限公司位于東莞市莞城運河西二路。公司成立于1979年,2002年改制為有限責任公司。 經過四十年的努力,公司各項業務不斷發展和擴大,連續多年進入“中國進出口額最大的500家企業”排行榜的前200名, 并且已連續33年被評為"守合同重信用企業"。我司是海關總署“中國外貿出口先導指數”樣本企業。
            公司主營輕工業品的進出口業務,經營品種繁多,包括五金百貨、家電、箱包手袋、勞保用品、塑料制品、玩具 、鞋、服裝、文體用品和裝飾禮品等。公司開展主營業務的同時,多種經營,全面發展。承辦中外合資經營,合作生產;代理進出口業務;承辦來料加工,來樣加工,來件裝配;開展補償貿易;經營轉口貿易和易貨貿易;開展國內貿易、物流和保稅倉業務。

    Guangdong Dongguan Light Industrial Products Import & Export Co., Ltd. locates in the city of Dongguan, a southern China city between Guangzhou and Hongkong. Founded in September 1979, the company's business operations have been developed and enlarged by our continuous efforts over more than four decade . We have been one of the 500 largest import and export companies in China for years.

    We handles the import and export business of light industrial products mainly. Our export business covers a wide range including hardware, houseware, electrical home appliances, labor protection goods, travelling outfit, handbags, plastics, toys, footwear, garments,stationery, decorative gifts and etc. We also devote ourselves to undertake joint venture and cooperative production, to carry out processing from customer's designs and materials, to develop business such as internal trade, logistics and bonded warehouse.

    With "Equality and Mutual Benefits" in mind, and "Respecting Contract, Keeping Credit" as principle, we always offer attentive and quality service to customers all over the world. We hope to cooperate with you and march forward for a bright future.

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